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Who is Laurence N. Kaldor


Personally, Laurence N. Kaldor is no stranger to adversity. On September 28, 1984, at the age of sixteen, he miraculously survived an airplane crash that dramatically changed his life.   He lost his left leg, his right eye and his father, but not his will to live. Stamina and determination played a paramount role in those trying years of surgery and rehabilitation.  He literally endured more than a hundred surgeries. Throughout excruciating procedures, he realized that life would be most fulfilling if he utilized his experiences to overcome obstacles and lead by powerful example.

Today, Mr. Kaldor is a happily married father of two wonderful little girls.  His wife is a consummate professional with an estimable and successful career as a policy research analyst.  He could not be prouder of his family or more satisfied with his life!  Professionally, Mr. Kaldor is a semi-retired Attorney who has practiced Personal Injury, Entertainment Law, Estate Planning, and Family Law, and served over 1,000 hours as a volunteer Judge Pro Tem in Family Court & Traffic Court.  In addition to the practice of law he has had the privilege to write, direct and produce independent feature films.

Mr. Kaldor has always been a community-conscious person, believing in strong family and community values, as evidenced by his loving marriage, family, and thousands of hours of pro bono and community service.  For the past three years it has been his honor and privilege to serve as President of the Valley Community Legal Foundation of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association.  Each day Mr. Kaldor aspires to be the best version of himself, always at the service of others.

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